Why choose us?

Vintage Junebug Photography is...

Creative + Collaborative

I have many creative photoshoot ideas and I love to collaborate with my clients, ultimately bringing their vision to life.


Whatever your reason for reaching out to VJP for a photo session, we provide each client with a personalized experience. Each session is treated with the utmost care and thoughtfulness, right down to the swag bag.

Genuine + Fun

I love to have fun and laugh! For those who are a little "camera shy," my aim is to make you feel comfortable to show your your true self, at your most happy vulnerable state, throwing your head back and laughing. I want to create new, bright memories for my clients.


VJP is not one-price-fits-all. We offer custom packages to fit your needs and budget. Follow us on social media for specials, discounts, and fun giveaways!

We Encourage: #Communityovercompetition

Vintage Junebug Photography doesn't believe that being in business should be a competition. Photographers all belong to a very niche community, offering most all of the same services. However, we all have something a little different that we bring to the table, something special to offer. There are so many talented individuals in the field of photography that I have been lucky enough to learn from and collaborate with. That's why I encourage #communityovercompetition!

With that said, in a market that is saturated with creatives, we know that you have options--- so we appreciate you choosing us!

We Encourage: #ShopSmall

We promote local small businesses, both on our social media pages and in practice, by shopping small. Each Fall, we invite local businesses to be featured on our page, simply because we want to showcase their shop, services, or trade. Yes! we even showcase other photographers (#communityovercompetition)! The best part is, it is FREE advertising for these companies and once your business is featured on VJP's Instagram page, it is archived and available year round in the "shop small" story highlight. Contact me today if you'd like to be featured!