Enter a Heading

"When one door closes, another opens"... or something like that...

Some doors are revolving, they close and reopen throughout the course of your life.

Some are one way only. Some you might slip through unscathed. Some doors can be revisited, but they aren’t to be walked through again, they contain only snapshots of memories.

Some doors seem insignificant, but turn out to be very important.

Some doors are shabby and sun-faded, covered in vines and years of dust, begging to tell you their story.

Some doors leave you wishing you’d just left them closed. Others, you wish you could open for the very first time, to start over, or maybe relive it the same way all over again.

As we saunter through life, there's a new door, a new thought, a new choice, that we didn’t have the day prior. Like chess pieces we make individualized moves with an uncertain number of outcomes. The idea of the Butterfly Effect comes to mind, that “the world is deeply interconnected" beyond what we can know -- that these moves, no matter how small, affect the whole.

Doors are constantly being presented to us. Some we open, some we pass by. Some we're in before we even know it.

Whatever door you choose, or path you take, or choices you make today, there’s always something else just beyond it. Another door is waiting for you. Another lesson, another adventure, a new friend, new ways of thinking, happiness, contentment, healing, forgiveness, opportunity—they are all just one door away.

When you find yourself questioning ‘why,' just remember what is for you, will not pass you... and when one door closes another opens...or something like that.

Collection of Doors- VJP- Curated and collected since 2018

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