Give me a Min(ute/olta)!

My Dad took an interest in photography and around 1983 he purchased this 35mm Minolta film camera.

I've had this camera in my possession for a while now and still haven't delved into all the mechanics of it (literally, it is all manual), but I'm doing more research and hope to add film sessions to my repertoire! Say hello to this beauty 😍 📸 👋

On a particularly beautiful summer evening when I was a kid, my Dad set up the tripod to capture a family photo of us on the front porch of our old house.

Before he set the timer I had a thought. "WAIT!" I exclaimed.

I ran inside and up the stairs, leaving my mom and dad wondering what the heck I was doing. My dad stood by the camera for an extra minute or so, the sun was setting, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

"Kaila...?" I heard my name from outside.

"Coming!!!" I yelled. I walked down the stairs cautiously as I was carrying precious cargo.

I opened the front door and emerged on the porch with my cat. Of course, he had to be in the family photo! Some things never change 😉 🐈‍⬛

May you make new memories with the fathers and father figures in your life today and always and if you are a father, hug your babies tight, no matter their age.

Happy Father's Day! ❤️

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