Be the Good

This is Life is funny. But not funny haha, funny weird.

One day it seems like everything is going great, you’ve leapt out of bed well-rested, the sun is shining, the birds are feverishly chirping, you have it all together, and the next day… not so much. You’ve overslept and most closely resemble the animated version of Cruella DeVille. You’ve become a dehydrated, humorless, over-caffeinated version of yourself who can’t even remember to not snooze an alarm, let alone listen to chirping birds.

In the day to day, things happen that set us off course and leave us with thoughts that weigh heavily on our minds. The question of “why” crosses my mind a million times a day, but I know that we aren’t meant to have all the answers. It would be utterly terrifying to know what is coming next. We would constantly feel on edge, like a culminating scene from a scary movie.

Despite not having all of the answers, we always have choices. We can choose to continue to be pleasant to others even when they aren’t pleasant to us. We can smile at the cashier who could find reason to scowl at the happiest place on earth, choose to wave hello to the stranger who chooses to ignore you as you walk past them on the sidewalk, we can choose to be kind even on the days where we wake up feeling like Cruella– when it would be so much easier to be disagreeable.

I feel that if I can’t find the sunshine, I have to be it… and shoot, I’ll always try, but some days it seems downright impossible.

Be the good in this world because someone else needs you to be. We don’t know what battles other people are fighting.

Promote happiness always, even when it is hard. Promote kindness always, even when it doesn’t appear it is deserved. Give a little grace and remember, a bad day doesn't mean a bad life. A mistake doesn’t make a failure. Always put your best foot forward and never stop trying.

And the golden rule still applies: Do to others as you would want done to yourself.

And maybe, just maybe, you will be lucky enough to meet some beautiful people along the way and leave someone a little happier than you found them.

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