Some Type of Gifts

I love to go to estate sales, antique and variety shops, I can spend hours digging through record bins, perusing vintage items, looking for treasures.

I was walking through @theeclecticchic a few weeks ago and I was reminded of a gift I was once given.

In typical Kaila style, it comes with a story.

I was about 12 and at my Great Aunt’s house in East Utica for the day, probably being lovingly force-fed pizzelle cookies (though you certainly don’t have to force me, I’ll happily eat my weight in those) when my Godfather walked through the door.

My Godfather is an antique dealer, for all intents and purposes, and always doubts his gifting abilities, though he had come through that door with more stories, Barbie dolls, unique items he had found, button candy, Necco wafers, Chiclets, and other treats for me and my Great Aunt, producing more smiles than I can count.

“Okay, K, I don’t know if you’re going to like this, but I picked something up for you,” he said.

And he plopped a 25lb circa 1980s electric typewriter on the kitchen table.

I was ecstatic.

I love to write, and typing on a typewriter was just the coolest. Clack clack clack, ding!

Even better, he had found it while out antiquing with my mom and they both thought I'd love it..

I can just imagine little me carrying it around with its little handle that didn't seem to fit it's massive size.

I’ve always been the creative type, writing stories, journaling, poetry, and of course photography, and I’m just so grateful to have relatives that always support those passions.

I plugged it in and learned very quickly that there wasn’t really a “backspace” button.

Kinda like life, there's no going back, only going forward.

Now only if this Smith & Corona were mine...

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing”

Benjamin Franklin

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