Authenticity's Smile

Sunday Nov. 6, 2022

Recently, while looking at a photo that I took, someone told me, "You really captured their essence."

Immediately, I got that overpowering, good kind of feeling in my body, like when someone sings with a lot of soul, or like when *spoiler alert* Sassy comes home at the end of Homeward Bound.

Sheesh, that was the nicest compliment I've received to date.

As a photographer, capturing someone's essence while allowing them to feel comfortable is all I could hope for.

Some clients can be a little camera shy-- and that's totally fine. It's not always easy loosening up in front of the camera.

We gotta give credit to the subject who might be a little camera shy at first.

Sure, I snap the photo, but ultimately, it's their personality that shines through. That's what makes each person, and each photo, unique and special.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to get the wiggles out (as I say to the little ones).

For those out there who are hesitant to be in front of a camera for a photo shoot, know that I'm here for you and we will have fun! You'll be drawn to smile, even in between serious shots, and I promise you will feel comfortable enough to let your guard down, be yourself, and let that marvelous personality shine through.

I'm not here to take stock photos.

I'm here to capture you in a moment in time-- Whether it's a Thursday afternoon, an engagement, a first birthday, or a rainy Sunday... I'm here... To capture your moments, and to make new memories.