October Reflection

As I was archiving last year's photos and paperwork, a chilly October breeze blew in and with it came a sense of reflection. 🍂

Looking back on sessions from 2023, I see beautiful smiling faces, photos filled with love, and families laughing. I recall lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), new friends met, and new memories made.

At the start of this journey two years ago, a dirt road lay ahead of me. I have learned so much since then- in business, in photography, in life.

Through time, I have stuck to my guns, remained authentic, genuine, done good for others, and injected happiness in even dark places. ☀️

To me, that's success: Listen to your gut. ✅ Be nice. ✅ Do good. ✅ Find happiness. ✅

As I peer back, I see that the road once made of dirt, has been paved behind me. I'm happy to have that road, all of my years, in my back pages, all as a part of my story, my reference guide, where each chapter is guided by external events and my internal compass.

I'm looking forward to 2024, new beginnings, new shoots planned, fresh inspirations, clients met, relationships built, and more happy, smiling faces.

Though the path and turns are undetermined, I'm sure the road ahead of me is also an exciting one. 🛣️

"I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now" -Bob Dylan, My Back Pages

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